Lot 2001

Large Bag of various electrical cabling and adaptors

Lot 2002

Bag of Rasberry pi kits also including Cit keyboard

Lot 2003

Bag of various remote controls

Lot 2004

Bag of Mixed electrical items and adaptors

Lot 2005

Bag of mixed Mobile accessories including chargers and pc mice

Lot 2006

Bush and Fortec Star dvb tuner boxes

Lot 2007

Bag containing large quantity of iPad covers and screen savers

Lot 2008

(157) 3 boxes of speakers, cameras and various cables, sub woofers, cd players,…

Lot 2009

Singing Machine Carnival Karaoke machine

Lot 2010

Singing Machine karaoke machine

Lot 2011

Ion Party Rocker Live system

Lot 2012

Box of cables inc. Sony etc

Lot 2013

4 boxes of various Samsung covers inc. S3, S5 and S4 Zoom

Lot 2014

Ion Party Rocker Plus rechargeable spinning party light unit

Lot 2015

5 boxes of Samsung covers inc blue Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note…

Lot 2016

Box containing Playstation One with controllers and accessories, games, dance mat, gaming wheel…

Lot 2017

(129) DVIT smart board with PSU (af)

Lot 2018

2040 X-Box 360 slim with game and PSU

Lot 2019

X-box 360 Arcade with PSU and controller

Lot 2020

Nintendo Gameboy Advance with car charger plus game boy advance and gameboy colour…

Lot 2021

Game Max Tornado mouse

Lot 2022

Nintendo Game Cube with various games inc. Fifa, Mario kart etc with controllers…

Lot 2023

2055 Lamp replacement unit

Lot 2024

2056 Big Ben sound multi media tower speaker

Lot 2025

HP Envy 5640 printer

Lot 2026

HP Envy Photo 6230 all in one printer

Lot 2027

Epsom Expression Premium XP900 printer

Lot 2028

Epsom Expression Premium XP900 printer

Lot 2029

2066 Canon Pixma MG550 wireless printer

Lot 2030

HP Envy 4500 printer

Lot 2031

Epsom Expression Premium XP640 printer

Lot 2032

Epsom ET2600 printer

Lot 2033

MFCJ5320DW business smart printer

Lot 2034

Epsom ET2600 wifi printer

Lot 2035

Epsom ET2500 printer

Lot 2036

Epsom ET2500 printer

Lot 2037

8 Samsung Galaxy Tab 70+ book covers

Lot 2038

Approx 18 boxes of Samsung covers

Lot 2039

2 Polaroid high definition sport video cameras

Lot 2040

2 Polaroid high definition sport video cameras

Lot 2041

Polaroid HD action camera

Lot 2042

Quantity of keyboards

Lot 2043

(125) Peavey PV2600 professional stereo power amplifier with P-series stereo power amplifier

Lot 2044

(126) Sharp hi-fi VHS video cassette recorder and DVD recorder

Lot 2045

(127) R66 Q-Max freeview box

Lot 2046

Soulmam ZMK300M multi media keyboard

Lot 2047

19'' monitor and surround sound system

Lot 2048

6 boxed bluetooth keyboards

Lot 2049

Lenovo keyboard

Lot 2050

Car replacement radio/stereo together with camera monitor