Lot 2001

Bag containing laser toner cartridges, iPad covers and screen savers

Lot 2002

Bag containing Sony blu-ray player, Pipit 500, VR goggles, keyboard, Xprinter, iPad covers,…

Lot 2003

Mixed Electrical items, Mime industries, Pc components, etc.

Lot 2004

Mixed bag of electrical items, etc.

Lot 2005

Mixed mobile phone accessories cables, earphones, etc.

Lot 2006

Apple devices cables, and other mobile accessories.

Lot 2007

IT cabling, and other electrical items, including a usb endoscope.

Lot 2008

IT cabling and other loose electrical items. including power adaptors.

Lot 2009

Bolle work and sports eyewear.

Lot 2010

Bag of mixed cabling and other electrical items.

Lot 2011

Apple and other various mobile phone accessories.

Lot 2012

Mixed costume and dress jewellery items.

Lot 2013

Bag of empty jewellery cases, boxes , etc.

Lot 2014

NEC projector with part ceiling mount

Lot 2015

Illunimer HD projector with remote control

Lot 2016

Cambridge audio portable bluetooth speaker

Lot 2017

Sony SRS X88 bluetooth audio speaker

Lot 2018

Sony bluetooth speaker CMT-BT80WB

Lot 2019

Approximately 30 Philips LCD PC Monitors

Lot 2020

Two games console accessories, games and other accessories

Lot 2021

Apple IMAC desk top computer (no operating installed) with keyboard

Lot 2022

Dell power edge T410 server

Lot 2023

Dell power edge T300 server with a dell dimension 4600 PC

Lot 2024

Apple G5 tower PC with keyboard

Lot 2025

Logitec driving force play station steering wheel and peddles

Lot 2026

Mixed quantity of logitec and ivasion keyboards

Lot 2027

Approximately 60 games for PS2, XBOX 360, DS and others

Lot 2028

Conference room kit including rack mount system with phonic light module and phonic…

Lot 2029

Two QSC speakers and a crestron professional video switching unit

Lot 2030

XBOX 360 games console elite in box

Lot 2031

Various CCTV adaptors and other CCTV equipment

Lot 2032

Box containing sinclar ZX spectrum units and various games and cassette player

Lot 2033

Sinclair ZX spectrum with Matzui cassette player and other software accessories

Lot 2034

Sony HVC3000 UV film video adaptor

Lot 2035

Sony Trinicon video camera

Lot 2036

Logitec X210 2.1 speaker system

Lot 2037

PC monitor in box

Lot 2038

2103 Mideon XP vintage PC with printer, monitor, keyboard and mouse

Lot 2039

2102 AND A series desk top computer

Lot 2040

2095 Desktop PC with saphire HD 3650 graphics card, full GB ram

Lot 2041

HP windows 7 vintage PC A&D processor

Lot 2042

Asis desktop pundit series PC

Lot 2043

Two netgear switches

Lot 2044

HP pavillion wave desktop PC, no hard disk, no ram

Lot 2045

Apple TV model number A1218 and Apple time capsule 1TB model number A1254

Lot 2046

Netgear stora hard drive storage system with power supply

Lot 2047

Boxed Bayon audio sound scene 3 speaker

Lot 2048

(Might be WZ78) Bayan audio sound scene 3 speaker

Lot 2049

87 Sony blueray disk home video theatre system model number BDVE380

Lot 2050

87 Yamaha natural sound compact disc player model number CDX-530E