Lot 1001

Vintage Butchers bike with basket

Lot 1002

Ladies bicycle in blue

Lot 1003

Rayleigh ladies vintage bicycle with basket in green

Lot 1004

Mountain bicycle in pink

Lot 1005

Diamond back mountain bicycle in purple

Lot 1006

Blue Viking Breezer lady's town bike

Lot 1007

Black and purple Magna child's bike

Lot 1008

Grey Shockwave mountain bike

Lot 1009

Black child's mountain bike

Lot 1010

Blue child's Carrera mountain bike with scooter

Lot 1011

Battery operated dareway with no charger

Lot 1012

Disability wheel chair in black

Lot 1013

Set of golf clubs in bag

Lot 1014

Sovereign garden shredder

Lot 1015

2 Stihl petrol powered strimmers

Lot 1016

3 boxes of evergreen fast grass lawn seed

Lot 1017

3 boxes of evergreen fast grass lawn seed

Lot 1018

(1030) box set of 10 solar powered garden lights

Lot 1019

(1030) box set of 10 solar powered garden lights

Lot 1020

2 boxed pairs of safety Wellington boots

Lot 1021

Northern petrol generator

Lot 1022

(2384) Jump start power pack

Lot 1023

Homelite petrol powered chain saw

Lot 1024

PSX jumper starter car inflater

Lot 1025

Mechanical drawers

Lot 1026

Set of lifting chains

Lot 1027

Bay full of children play equipment inc little Tikes first slide turtle sand…

Lot 1028

Garden hose and reel

Lot 1029

Power driven brush roller for stairs and carpets

Lot 1030

Keter storage ottoman in box

Lot 1031

Box containing various woodworking paints, oils and stainer

Lot 1032

Checkmate hoist

Lot 1033

Cast iron hand gauge

Lot 1034

2 boxed LED smart waves garden lanterns

Lot 1035

Jump start power pack with fully automatic battery charger

Lot 1036

Fall arrest systems

Lot 1037

7 packs of universal sun screens for cars

Lot 1038

pack of fence and wall spikes

Lot 1039

3 light green hurricane style lanterns

Lot 1040

Vintage metal jerry can in red

Lot 1041

Bay full of electrical garden equipment inc lawn mowers, strimmers, and leaf blowers

Lot 1042

5 Garden rotary washing lines

Lot 1043

Boxed Keter garden storage shed

Lot 1044

McCulloch strimmer

Lot 1045

Small crate of door handles

Lot 1046

Keter compact garden shed

Lot 1047

Keter compact garden shed

Lot 1048

Keter compact garden shed

Lot 1049

4 various Barbecue as found

Lot 1050

Boxed ward garden storage box