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Timed Online Auction

Ending: Monday 06 July 2020, 12:00pm
Subject to 10 minute rule

Southams @ Newnham Street, Bedford


By appointment

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400 Lots of Deactivated Weapons, Modern & Vintage Air Weapons, Shotgun & Rifle Ammunition, Collectors Items & General Shooting Equipment21087_6

Please be aware of any licence requirements due on some of the Lots available in this Sale – denoted with the S1 or S2 prefix.

Tuesday 7th July & Wednesday 8th July (9.00am – 4.00pm)
 from The Stores & Administration Office, 24 Newnham Street, Bedford, MK40 3JR. 

Further collections by appointment directly with the Administration Office.

Sundries shipping is handled by Mailboxes in Bedford – please contact / 01234 305544 for a quotation.



Southams Auctioneers, part of the W&H Peacock and Locke & England group have been holding gun sales for over 40 years.

Our wide experience of weapons of all kinds together with our market knowledge, auction expertise, specialist contacts and understanding of the relevant law and regulations, ensures that we can provide a complete and dedicated centre for acquisition and disposal.

If you would like to consign items please contact us to discuss your options. Entries are invited which include: English & Continental Shotguns, Sporting & Target Rifles, Vintage & Modern Air Weapons, Flintlocks, Percussion & Pinfire Weapons, Edged Weapons, Collectors Cartridges, Cases, Magazines & Shooting equipment, Sporting Books & Pictures.

All consignments to be delivered to:
Consignments &  Administration Office 24 Newnham Street, Bedford, MK40 3JR

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Recent Highlights

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Sporting Guns & Antique Arms

54 bore Percussion Tranter Patent closed frame double action revolver, 4¼ ins octagonal barrel with pinnacle foresight and v notch rear sight, the top flat inscribed E Whistler 11 Strand London, side mounted articulated loading lever stamped Tranter Patent, plain border engraved five shot cylinder with London proof marks, slide safety, border engraved frame inscribed CSA No.16764T and to the left Man'd for Hyde & Goodrigh Agents N O (New Orleans), finely chequered hardwood grips and steel butt cap

Sold for £2,200

.357 (Mag) Ruger Super Redhawk long barrel revolver, 12½ ins stainless steel barrel, open sights, 6 shot fluted cyclinder, stainless steel frame, wooden panelled grips, with extension rod (25½ ins overall), no. 551-77027

Sold for £1,500

20 bore boxlock ejector by Elderkin & Son, 28 ins barrels with game rib inscribed Elderkin & Son (Gunmakers) Spalding Lincs, ic & full, scroll and border engraved action and fences with much colour, 14¾ ins straight hand stock, no.1112

Sold for £1,400

.303 Lewis/BSA Light Machine Gun with magazine and bipod, no. A88 - Deactivated with EU certificate

Sold for £5,000

WWI: A scarce .303 Lewis/BSA Aerial Machine Gun (rear gunner) with correct large capacity magazine, no. 1411 - Deactivated with EU certificate

Sold for £4,500

(S1) An over and under ejector gun with two sets of barrels in .30-06 & 12 bore by Merkel Bros., the 25½ ins rifled barrels with raised blade and V-notch sights on an engine turned ramps, inset with quick release scope mounts (the bases now converted for use with Picatinny rail, two supplied: 1 x 8 ins, 1 x 3¾ ins), the 26 ins 12 bore barrels choked at full & ¾, with engine turned solid rib with bead foresight, both sets of barrels with typical captive forend tops and sharing a common forend base, the crescent backed action relief engraved with scenes of Deer and Wild Boar, with brass stud cocking indicators and cross bolt locking, adjustable forward trigger, highly figured 14½ ins Prince of Wales stock with cheek piece and padded leather sling, no. 104964, in a fitted gun case [Section 1 licence required]

Sold for £3,500

.303 Hotchkiss M1908 Portative Mk1 Light Machine Gun, no. 17295 - Deactivated with EU certificate

Sold for £2,900

8 bore hammer by T Barker, 37 ins brown damascus nitro proof barrels inscribed Belgian Real Twist, Choke Bored, broad engine turned rib, doll's head extension,ic & full, 100mm (4 ins) chambers, border engraved bar action sidelocks with some colour, top lever opening, chequered forend, 14½ ins Prince of Wales stock with steel butt plate, 15lbs, no.3004

Sold for £2,800

20 bore Miroku over and under, ejector, 30 ins barrels, ½ & ic, ¼ ins file cut ventilated rib with bead foresight, 3 ins chambers, acanthus scroll and border engraved action, single selective trigger, well figured 14¾ ins semi pistol grip stock with inset vacant oval, no. 77050MR

Sold for £1,400

A scarce .177 A.G. Parker (pre-war) crank-wound single shot air pistol, 10 ins rifled barrels with blade and notch sights, the air cylinder marked HALE & HARRIS PATENT MAKER A.G. PARKER & CO. LIMITED BIRMINGHAM ENGLAND and PARKER PATENT PRECISION AIR PISTOL, slab sided frame with crank handle, wood grips

Sold for £1,300

Flintlock Blunderbuss by H W Mortimer, 14 ins brass two stage full stocked bell mouth barrel with London proof marks, inscribed Lombard St London, the tang fitted with a thumb-piece catch for a top mounted spring bayonet, brass mounted tapered wooden ramrod in brass ramrod pipes, steel stepped banana shaped half round lock, the tail and hammer with naive game engraving and inscribed H W Mortimer, engraved brass furniture with pineapple finial, walnut stock with chequered wrist and brass butt plate

Sold for £1,650

A unique .297/250 (.250 Rook) single shot falling block rifle by Westley Richards & Co. c.1878, 24½ ins octagonal barrel (formerly a .360 No.5, converted by the maker), nitro proof, blade and leaf sights marked 50-100, the breech with Westley Richards trademark triangle, the action with push-forward under lever opening and inscribed Westley Richards & Co. Limited Birmingham, all metalwork with good blued finish throughout, highly figured semi pistol grip stock with steel butt plate, no. 694

Sold for £1,500

12 bore Bar-in-Wood double hammer gun by J. Squires, 30 ins brown damascus barrels (original black powder proof), cyl & cyl, the concave top rib with bead sight and faintly inscribed with maker's name and address, fine scroll and banner engraved sidelocks signed JAS SQUIRES and depicting pheasant and partridge, with contrasting blued lock pins, scroll engraved hare's ear hammers with percussion fences, Powell's Patent lever action opening with treble grip and broad strikers with LOADED indicators, the chequered wrist with vacant gold shield escutcheon, ebony tipped forend with wedge fastening, 14½ ins well figured straight hand stock with steel butt plate, no. 2391

Sold for £1,300

(S2) A fine pair of 12 bore bespoke English boxlock ejector shotguns by John K. Wilson & Son, each with 28 ins barrels and choked at ic & ¼, a concave rib with bead foresight inscribed John. K. Wilson & Son. England, and numbered 1 & 2 in gold, 2¾ ins chambers, the acanthus scroll engraved scallop backed actions with maker's name and depicting Pheasants in flight, the fences and top levers similarly relief engraved and numbered 1 & 2, rolled edged trigger guards with contrasting blued finish and serial numbers in gold, well figured forends also numbered 1 & 2, 15 ins straight hand stocks, no's. 231/2, weight 6lbs each. Presented in a green baize lined fitted leather case by Swaine Adeney & Brigg, with maker's trade label, two-piece brass mounted cleaning rod, brushes, lubricating oil, and two pairs of snap caps. John. K Wilson designed and built a limited number of side by side and walking stick shotguns, whilst also undertaking commissioned work for noted London gunmakers such as Holland & Holland and J. Purdey & Sons. This pair of shotguns were commissioned by the Vendor directly in 1987, and appear to have been used sparingly in that time

Sold for £4,600

WWI: An 8mm Schwarzlose MG Medium Machine Gun (Austro-Hungarian Army), complete with tripod, no. 155 - Deactivated with EU certificate. It is believed that very few of these guns are in the UK

Sold for £3,500

.303 Vickers Light machine Gun c.1918 with tripod, no. C1216 - Deactivated with EU certificate

Sold for £3,200

(S2) A pair of 20 bore Battista Rizzini S792 EMEL over and under ejector shotguns engraved by Bottega Giovanelli and retailed by New England Arms Co., each with 29 ins multi choke barrels (both fitted with approx. ic & ¼ chokes), cross-cut ventilated ribs with a bead foresight, numbered at the breech 1 & 2 in gold, fine scroll and border engraved side plated actions depicting Woodcock and Partridge in flight, contrasting engraved top levers signed B.R. and also numbered 1 & 2 in gold, single triggers with barrel selector, well figured 13½ ins semi pistol grip stocks, no's. 26287/8

Sold for £2,600

54 bore Transition Pistol with 6 ins rifled octagonal sighted barrel inscribed Witton & Daw Improved 37 Threadneedle St London, the plain cylinder stamped 1214 and London proof marks, foliate scroll engraved gas sealed action, engraved spur hammer, trigger guard and ovoid butt cap, finely chequered hardwood butt with vacant silver lozenge, in lined and fitted mahogany case with accessories including a two way powder flask, bullet mould, rammer, nipple key and turnscrew, oil bottle and cap pot, the exterior with vacant brass escutcheon.

Sold for £1,700

80 bore Transition Pistol with 5½ ins rifled octagonal sighted barrel inscribed T K Baker 88 Fleet St London, the cylinder engraved with a geometric band at the forward edge, foliate scroll engraved action, engraved bar-hammer, trigger guard and ovoid butt cap, finely chequered two piece hardwood butt, in lined and fitted mahogany case with accessories including a three-way powder flask, brass cap dispenser, bullet mould, rammer, oil bottle and cap pot, the interior lid with makers trade label, the exterior with vacant brass escutcheon, Birmingham proofs

Sold for £1,400

12 bore AYA MD2, over and under, ejector, 29½ ins multi choke ported barrels, ventilated rib, 70mm chambers, border engraved black action, single selective trigger, well figured 15 ins pistol grip stock with recoil pad, no.16-03-468-95, complete with hard plastic case, two spare chokes, spare firing pins and springs, key and hex tool

Sold for £850