Arthur Rackham Correspondence : One letter from Stilegate, Limpsfield, Surrey dated 28.11.37 to ' My Dear O'Connor' who is actually Daniel O'Connor, a contemporary publisher with whom Rackham had worked and is now ''glad to hear from ...after all these years.'' A meeting with Mrs. Meynell is also recalled and further information about his family particularly his daughter. Rackham has clearly been requested to suggest some of his own ideas about book illustration - '' I'm not quite sure what kind of thing is in your mind for the end paper - a sort of family tree? And I have a feeling that a strange hand would very likely not be congenial on such a page of history. That there is a pleasing idea in it. It occurs to me that something generally impersonal might be done by an ingenious printer's compilation of a 'tree' made out of stock decorations.'' Examples then follow together with his final signature. Very well preserved letter with a printed heading.

Est £80 - £120