Lot 2001

Bag containing various gaming accessories; Dual Shock Controller, charging kits/bases, Steering wheel for…

Lot 2002

Bag containing various electrical accessories; plugs, cables, keyboard, adapters, PSUs etc

Lot 2003

Bag containing quantity of loose costume and dress jewellery

Lot 2004

Bag containing various mobile phone accessories; screen protectors, cases, chargers, adapters etc

Lot 2005

Bag containing various cables, adapters, PSUs etc

Lot 2006

Bag containing various electrical related accessories; PSUs, leads, adapters, routers etc

Lot 2007

Bag containing various mobile phone accessories; lightning cables, leads, adapters, earphones etc

Lot 2008

Bag containing quantity of loose costume and dress jewellery

Lot 2009

Bag of Xerox and other printer toner cartridges .including collection container, and printer…

Lot 2010

Bag containing Replacement remote controls, cabling, chargers, watch repair kit.

Lot 2011

Bag of audio component cables, mini cajon, drum sticks, etc.

Lot 2012

Bag containing various protective screen and cases, including printer toner cartridges.

Lot 2013

Replacement laptop screen in protective packaging, model number B133HAB01.0

Lot 2014

Bag containing various toner, Satellite tv box, wireless router, etc.

Lot 2015

Bag containing boxed toner cartridges, by Katun performance etc.

Lot 2016

Arkon Mounts creators 3 in 1 mount system.

Lot 2017

Bag containing cables, adaptors, mini shredder, Samsung Gear vr headset, etc.

Lot 2018

Bag of various protective tablet cases and screen protectors.

Lot 2019

Bag containing Xbox controller, Apple watch stand, speakers, routers, etc.

Lot 2020

Bag of mixed electrical items to inclide ION slide image coverter, Sennheiser 3…

Lot 2021

Bag of mixed protective tablet and mobile phone cases, inc toner cartridges.

Lot 2022

Box of mixed Lp vinyl records to include Bullet for my Valentine, Goldfrapp,…

Lot 2023

Bag containing large quantity of mobile phone accessories, chargers, audio visual cables,etc.

Lot 2024

Bag of mixed electrical items to include remote controls, cabling , chargers, remote…

Lot 2025

Bag of wireless and other camera accessories. including endoscope usb camera

Lot 2026

Southern electric energy monitor and Heatmiser wireless kit.

Lot 2027

Wireless charging kits and a Apple Magsafe 60w power adaptor.

Lot 2028

Bag containing various Android and other tv media boxes.

Lot 2029

Thermal receipt printer in box.

Lot 2030

Two mobile Vr headsets by Homido and VReye.

Lot 2031

TP-Link routers, Poe network adaptors and HDMI extender's.

Lot 2032

Cisco 16 port gigabit PoE switch,2 Cisco Meraki MR18 units, and other networking…

Lot 2033

Two Bt Wi-fi disks, BT smart hubs and other networking equipment.

Lot 2034

Corsair K55 keyboard, and other boxed usb keyboards with various Pc components.

Lot 2035

Bag containing 30+ DVD's and boxsets, to include The James Bond collection.

Lot 2036

Bag of mixed ink cartridges and replacement ink containers.

Lot 2037

Bag containing various brand batteries including Duracell, and others.

Lot 2038

Bag of Mixed audio visual cabling, usb cables, laptop chargers, etc.

Lot 2039

Selection of scented candles including Wickford & Co, Neom organics, etc

Lot 2040

Scented candles to include three cotswold candles, Yankee candle, etc

Lot 2041

Bag containing various sizes and brands of batteries, to include Maxell, Duracell, etc

Lot 2042

Mixed usb and mobile sync cables, including Earphones, and other mobile accessories.

Lot 2043

Large bag of mixed mobile phone screen protectors and cases.

Lot 2044

Apple device replacement cabling, earphones, laptop chargers, etc

Lot 2045

Part shelf of mixed reference and other study books

Lot 2046

Large collection of novels, autobiographies etc

Lot 2047

Collection of children's puzzle books, story books, activity books etc

Lot 2048

Shelf of reference materials, study books

Lot 2049

Shelf containing various hardback and paperback novels, autobiographies etc

Lot 2050

Part shelf of children's novels. graphic novels, puzzle books etc