Lot 2001

Selection of long network cabling, HDMI and charger

Lot 2002

Bag containing keyboard, digital antenna, tablet cases/covers, photo paper, 3D printer filament, etc

Lot 2003

2x Dell toners

Lot 2004

2x Dell toners

Lot 2005

Sky HD box

Lot 2006

6x BT Advanced Digital Home Phones and 6x BT Essential Digital Home Phones

Lot 2007

Bag containing keyboards, star projector, alarm clock, freeview player, speakers, antenna, headset, etc

Lot 2008

12x Sagemcom/Plusnet routers & hubs

Lot 2009

6x BT Smart Hub 2, BT Smart Hub and BT Smart Business Hub…

Lot 2010

7x BT WiFi Discs and 5x BT Hybrid Connects

Lot 2011

TP-Link routers, TP-Link AV600 Powerline extender, FRTIZ!Boz 7530 and DrayTek router

Lot 2012

Bag containing selection of routers & WiFi accessories

Lot 2013

Bag containing Sky Q Hubs, Sky Q Minis, Sky broandband routers, BT TV…

Lot 2014

Box containing LP and 45 records to include Iron Maiden, The Cure, Dire…

Lot 2015

Bag containing quantity of batteries in various sizes

Lot 2016

Bag containing quantity of DVD & Blu-Ray films/boxsets

Lot 2017

Bag containing quantity of empty jewellery boxes

Lot 2018

Bag containing various sunglasses and reading glasses

Lot 2019

Selection of wireless/wired earphones and headsets

Lot 2020

Bag containing quantity of smoking accessories; filters, trays, papers, etc

Lot 2021

Bag containing quantity of PCR and rapid fow tests

Lot 2022

Bag containing quantity of mobile phone cases and covers

Lot 2023

Bag containing quantity of mobile phone accessories; cables, adapters, chargers, etc

Lot 2024

Bag containing quantity of portable power banks

Lot 2025

Bag containing quantity of portable power banks

Lot 2026

Bag containing cables, leads and PSUs

Lot 2027

Bag containing routers, adapters, software, SD cards, etc

Lot 2028

Box containing LP and 45 records to include The Beatles, Smashing Pumpkins, Lorde,…

Lot 2029

Bag containing quantity of printer ink cartridges

Lot 2030

Bag containing DVD films and boxsets

Lot 2031

Bag containing quantity of PCR and rapid flow tests

Lot 2032

Bag containing quantity of mobile phone cases, covers, adapters, chargers, etc

Lot 2033

Large bag containing leads, cables and PSUs

Lot 2034

Bag containing remote controls, routers, adapters, PC mice, software etc

Lot 2035

Bag containing monitors, thermometers, calcualtors, sensor kit, laser presenter, Eve weather station, alarm…

Lot 2036

Bag containing tablet cases, Sony SRS-D25 PC speakers, console controllers, watch repair kit,…

Lot 2037

Bag containing various devices and accessories

Lot 2038

14x Plusnet routers

Lot 2039

2x BT Business Smart Hub 2's and 6x BT Smart Hub 2's

Lot 2040

8x BT Wi-Fi Disc's and 2x BT Hybrid Connects

Lot 2041

Bag containing Zyxel router, Sky hubs and BT TV box

Lot 2042

Inbetweeners cast signature set, with fan photography, framed and glazed

Lot 2043

Smoke Varies - Darkness brings the Wonders Home LP with bag and tshirt

Lot 2044

16 various 4K Ultra HD Bluray discs, sealed to include Star Wars, Die…

Lot 2045

Asus TUFB450M motherboard in box

Lot 2046

Casio XD79850 translation tool model EX-Word Data Plus 10

Lot 2047

2029 Pair of Rayban sunglasses

Lot 2048

MSI Vigor gaming keyboard combo, model GK30

Lot 2049

Sonos smart speaker, no box

Lot 2050

Sonos One smart speaker with box