Lot 2001

Leopard M 57-58 motorcycle helmet signed by Paul Weller with Certificate. (unverifed).

Lot 2002

Arlo Wolf eye wear set of 4 reading glass frames in case.

Lot 2003

Ray-Ban RB-1157 sunglasses with hard case

Lot 2004

Zoom corporation Model H4n personal recording device.

Lot 2005

Untamed Feral Fractions Collectors edition Card game, in sealed box.

Lot 2006

Bose soundsport in-ear headphones in sealed box.

Lot 2007

V380 1080p 360 degree, 2-way audio camera boxed.

Lot 2008

Apple Pencil Model A1603 in sealed box.

Lot 2009

RHA MA650 wireless ear phones boxed.

Lot 2010

VoltCraft NWT-2G Microwave leakage detector with holster case.

Lot 2011

FLIR TG167 Thermal imaging meter.

Lot 2012

Sennheiser HD4.20s headphones.

Lot 2013

Two Apple iPod shuffles, and two other mp3 devices.

Lot 2014

Mophie charge stream deck stand boxed.

Lot 2015

Mophie charge stream deck stand boxed.

Lot 2016

Garmin Forerunner 910XT with seperate Garmin waistband.

Lot 2017

Fitbit Surge watch with large strap, in box.

Lot 2018

Nintendo Switch Battery bank power packs, By Venom and Anker.

Lot 2019

Anker Power wave+ stand together with a multifunction charging stand.

Lot 2020

Bag of Anker Power bank portable battery packs, includes Powercore 201000 and a…

Lot 2021

Anker power bank portable battery packs, includes a Powercore select 20000

Lot 2022

Two boxed Anker Powercore 26800 portable battery banks.

Lot 2023

Bag of wireless speakers including an Ultimate Ears Wonderboom speaker.

Lot 2024

Bag of fitness tracking accessories by, Virgin Pulse, Letscom, and Aquarius.

Lot 2025

Bag of earphone and headphone sets, includes a pair of Ful wireless headphones.

Lot 2026

The Royal Mint issued Britannia 2014 one ounce silver proof crown, with certificate…

Lot 2027

bag of various wireless in-ear headphones boxed, i9s-Tws, i7s-Tws etc.

Lot 2028

Bag of various sunglasses and reading glasses.

Lot 2029

Bag of 5 PowerBank portable charging devices, including 22400 mAh and 25000mAh battery…

Lot 2030

Bag of of various iPhone cases, tempered glass screen protectors. for iPhone 11,…

Lot 2031

FujiFilm instax Neo Classic Mini90 camera boxed.

Lot 2032

Holga-120wpc Wide pinhole camera boxed.

Lot 2033

Nikon Coolpic w150 holiday kit boxed, includes w150 coolpix camera.

Lot 2034

Bag containing various camera accessories including Canon 28-80mm lens.

Lot 2035

Bag of various Swiming goggles, by Nike ,Speedo ,Zoggs, etc.

Lot 2036

15 Playstation 4 games including Jedi: fallen order, God of War, Fallout 4…

Lot 2037

22 Xbox One games including Jedi: Fallen Order, Resident evil 7, Mafia 2,…

Lot 2038

Gitup action camera with dash cam and 16mp digital camera.

Lot 2039

Polaroid instant camera with Nikon battery charger etc.

Lot 2040

Sony Handy Cam Hdd camcorder model DSR-SR47 with charger.

Lot 2041

Wifi Panoramic camera boxed.

Lot 2042

Victure PC420 home security camera boxed.

Lot 2043

Mophie charge stream desk stand boxed.

Lot 2044

Mophie charge stream desk stand boxed.

Lot 2045

Bose soundsport Free wireless headphones and chargiing case.

Lot 2046

JBL Reflect Flow wireless earphones boxed.

Lot 2047

Samsung Galaxy Bud wireless earphones boxed.

Lot 2048

Apple airpods first generation with charging case, and spare left airpod.

Lot 2049

Three various Wireless earphones with charging cases, Amoi, Levin, Stix.

Lot 2050

Mobile phone wireless charging devices including Anker powerwave base pad boxed.