Lot 2001

Box of LP vinyl records to include: The Barstool Preachers, The Zipheads, The…

Lot 2002

Box containing re-released and original LP records, various artists to include Iron Maiden,…

Lot 2003

Bag of mixed IT, cabling, routers and Gemini USB Type-C dongle.

Lot 2004

Oculus Rift Touch controllers, boxed.

Lot 2005

Bag containing various DVD's and series box sets, etc.

Lot 2006

Bag of various artist CD's; Deep Purple, Rhapsody, Hans Zimmer, etc

Lot 2007

14 various games, mostly PS2, including Timesplitters, Rayman Revolution, etc

Lot 2008

Bag of games console accessories, including Steam controller, gaming headset, etc.

Lot 2009

Bag of mixed IT, Biostar motherboard, Speedpad n52, HP speaker, etc.

Lot 2010

Bag containing Android media TV box, wireless chargers, BT handset, Sky router, etc.

Lot 2011

Bag containing VR headset, drum sticks, Zalman cooler for AMD, and other IT.

Lot 2012

Bag of 13 Various Blu-ray disc movies to include Skyfall, Fast and Furious…

Lot 2013

Bag containing large selection of DVD's including Bones 12 season box set, Ready…

Lot 2014

Box of LP vinyl records to include Motorhead, Bruce Springsteen, Thunder, etc.

Lot 2015

Bag of mixed electrical items to include bluetooth speakers, wireless chargers, etc.

Lot 2016

Bag containing D-link router, portable solar charger, flat panel wall mount, etc.

Lot 2017

Bag containing large quantity of protective tablet and mobile phone accessories.

Lot 2018

Bag of DVD box sets and various movies including The Titan, Insidious box…

Lot 2019

Tlkr T80 walkie talkie kits.

Lot 2020

Tlkr T80 walkie talkie kits.

Lot 2021

Tlkr T80 walkie talkie kits.

Lot 2022

Corsair VS650 PSU, boxed.

Lot 2023

Bag containing Sky router kit, Xbox One camera, keyboard, laminator, etc.

Lot 2024

Bag of mixed electrical items to include Apple keyboard, wireless routers, NowTV box…

Lot 2025

Bag ff 30+ DVD's to include Harry Potter, Grantchester, Darkest Hour, Star Wars…

Lot 2026

Bag containing laser toner and printer cartridges

Lot 2027

Bag of CD's various artists to include Johanna Amele, Ariana Grande, etc

Lot 2028

20 console games for Nintendo DS, Playstaion 4 and Xbox one. to include…

Lot 2029

Bag containing wireless routers, power adaptors, etc.

Lot 2030

Bag of tablet and mobile cases and screen protectors.

Lot 2031

Bag of various powerbanks and charging cases.

Lot 2032

Bag containing HD dvr, Compoint keyboard, replacement lcd screen, etc

Lot 2033

Bag of mixed ink cartridges to include, HP, Canon, and other replacement cartridges.

Lot 2034

Selection of various Vaping fluids and flavours,etc

Lot 2035

Large bag of mixed electrical items to include Sat nav, Power inverter, Hdmi…

Lot 2036

Bag of Tablet and mobile phone cases and protective screen covers.

Lot 2037

Bag of replacement ink cartridges Canon, Epson, etc

Lot 2038

Bag of DVD's Blu-Ray disc's and various cd's to include Anchorman, Red Hot…

Lot 2039

Bag of Loose empty costume jewellery boxes.

Lot 2040

Large quantity of costume jewellery items.

Lot 2041

Bag o loose eye wear including sunglasses, reading glasses frames , etc

Lot 2042

Bag of empty reading and sunglasses cases.

Lot 2043

Fleximounts dual monitor mount system in box.

Lot 2044

2044 Bag of Apple device replacement cables, adapters and chargers

Lot 2045

Logitech MK330 keyboard set and extra keyboard

Lot 2046

2039 Bag containing various scented candles

Lot 2047

2030 2 mobile phone VR headsets

Lot 2048

Various Explore One action cameras, loose in bag with accessories

Lot 2049

Bag containing various reading glasses, sunglass frames etc

Lot 2050

4 packs of Explore One wireless action cameras with accessories