Lot 1051

Reel of garden hose on trolley

Lot 1052

3 14kg bags of child and pet friendly lawn feed

Lot 1053

3 boxed pole gazebos

Lot 1054

2 DN4 natural beehive nucleus with beehive smoker

Lot 1055

Cased pop up gazebo

Lot 1056

Flat pack aluminium frame patio heater (missing glass tube)

Lot 1057

2 boxes of mixed branded fishing rod parts

Lot 1058

Hidden Wild pop up camp bed

Lot 1059

Timber Ridge garden chair

Lot 1060

Keter mini bar on trolley

Lot 1061

Leifheit pop up camping rotary washing line

Lot 1062

Timber Ridge reclining sun lounger

Lot 1063

Pair of half moon shaped door mats in black and brown

Lot 1064

2 bike carriers

Lot 1065

2 childs scooters

Lot 1066


Lot 1067


Lot 1068


Lot 1069


Lot 1070


Lot 1071

Childs Titan mountain style bike in green, white and pink with another childs…

Lot 1072

Girls vintage Raleigh Holly bike in yellow

Lot 1073

Gents vintage Hercules Balmoral bike in green

Lot 1074

Concept Saw Tooth mountain bike in black, white and yellow

Lot 1075

Giant Rincon mountain bike in grey

Lot 1076

Dunlop Special Edition mountain bike in black and silver

Lot 1077

Vintage Raleigh Chiltern ladies bike in purple with basket on front and back

Lot 1078

Ladies Raleigh bike in purple and silver

Lot 1079

Gazelle gents town bike in black

Lot 1080

Jetson electric bike with charger

Lot 1081

Builders bag containing chopped wood

Lot 1082

Builders bag containing chopped wood

Lot 1083

Yardman HJ.5220 Hydro petrol ride on lawn mower with grass catcher box and…

Lot 1084

Cast iron roller

Lot 1085

2 plastic water tanks

Lot 1086

4 wall hung trough planters

Lot 1087

Flat pack garden trampoline

Lot 1088

Teak wooden garden love seat style bench

Lot 1089

Splendid push along seed spreader

Lot 1090

Wooden 7 tread decorators ladder

Lot 1091

Acro prop

Lot 1092

Bundle of various garden tools incl. rake, shears, fork, half moon edger, etc.

Lot 1093

Cream cloth, wooden pole garden parasol

Lot 1094

Large quantity of vintage garden hand tools incl. hay forks, hay scythe and…

Lot 1095

Large quantity of rattan garden furniture parts

Lot 1096

(1021) Wooden bench

Lot 1097

4 metal hanging baskets with 3 ceramic garden pots

Lot 1098

3 builders lintels

Lot 1099

4.5 sheets of wooden sterling board with half

Lot 1100

Manual digging fork with manual digging spade