Lot 2018

Red and cream decorative sewing basket containing sewing accessories

Lot 2019

Grey 2 drawer hall table

Lot 2020

Stack of 3 wooden storage boxes

Lot 2021

Pine 2 door 2 drawer dresser

Lot 2022

Bronze decorative bowl

Lot 2023

Pair of stoneware foot warmers

Lot 2024

Pair of glass dome clocks

Lot 2025

Teak 3 drawer wall display unit

Lot 2026

Quantity of framed and glazed pictures and prints

Lot 2027

(2051) Grey square top dining table on black tapered legs

Lot 2028

(2036) Grey single drawer TV unit

Lot 2029

Military dry powder fire extinguisher with magazine rack and small folding chair

Lot 2030

Grey 3 drawer bedside cabinet

Lot 2031

White chest of 2 over 4 drawers (severe damage to front)

Lot 2032

Wooden cased mantle clock

Lot 2033

Wooden cutlery box with stainless steel spoons

Lot 2034

Set of vintage weighing scales

Lot 2035

Grey chest of 2 over 4 drawers with oak top

Lot 2036

White 3 drawer hall table with oak surface

Lot 2037

Pair of off-white 3 drawer bedside cabinet

Lot 2038

White chest of 6 drawers

Lot 2039

Pair of white single drawer bedside tables with oak surface

Lot 2040

White 2 door entertainment stand

Lot 2041

Tapestry wooden fire screen of British ship

Lot 2042

White 2 drawer dressing table

Lot 2043

White 2 drawer dressing table with white footstool

Lot 2044

Pair of heavily carved wooden side tables

Lot 2045

Pine wall hung cabinet with mirrored front

Lot 2046

Modern brown corner unit with matching coffee table and pair of small tables

Lot 2047

(2103) Grey painted 2 drawer bedside units

Lot 2048

Pair of 1970s pouffes

Lot 2049

Grey leatherette button back bench on metal tapered legs

Lot 2050

Wooden Smallford Metals instruction sign with wooden pub scoreboard

Lot 2051

(2029) Oval grey dining table on black tapered legs

Lot 2052

Grey oak top single drawer coffee table

Lot 2053

Pair of teak nests of 3 tables

Lot 2054

Dark oak 6 drawer kneehole desk

Lot 2055

Pair of chrome and red leatherette bar stools

Lot 2056

Set of mahogany steps with pull out commode section

Lot 2057

Oak extending dining table

Lot 2058

Pair of grey button back dining chairs

Lot 2059

Stainless steel flower decoration hall stand

Lot 2060

Off-white nest of 2 tables with oak surface

Lot 2061

White 2 door bathroom cabinet

Lot 2062

Dark blue 6 chest of 6 drawers with oak surface

Lot 2063

Tin trunk

Lot 2064

Pair of pine 3 drawer bedside unit

Lot 2065

Oak 3 shelf narrow bookcase

Lot 2066

White 2 drawer 2 door sideboard with oak top

Lot 2067

White 3 drawer hall unit with 3 rattan storage sections under