Lot 1001

(1064) Ladies classic Pioneer bike in white and purple

Lot 1002

(5) Electric Black + Decker chainsaw with a JCB electric hedge cutter

Lot 1003

(1004) Mac Allister petrol multi tool with hedge trimmer attachment

Lot 1004

Champion electric pressure washer

Lot 1005

collection of ceramic garden pots

Lot 1006

(1009) Honda petrol generator with 2 outputs

Lot 1007

Large quantity of shallow plastic plant trays

Lot 1008

2 wooden sledgehammers, wooden axe, weed burner and weed sprayer

Lot 1009

Black crate of garden ornaments

Lot 1010

7 green plastic crates with 4 flat pack green plastic crates

Lot 1011

2 euphorbia cacti

Lot 1012

Pair of wicker baskets of mixed plants

Lot 1013

2 pots containing mixed plants

Lot 1014

2 pots containing mixed plants

Lot 1015

2 pots containing mixed plants

Lot 1016

3 Pet Safe Stay Well pet doors

Lot 1017

Boxed 3x9m pole gazebo

Lot 1018

Telescopic fishing rod with Daiwa fishing reel and box of fishing accessories

Lot 1019

Pair of gents Ward Wear waders

Lot 1020

Bay containing petrol lawn mower spare parts, to include engines, cables, blades etc.

Lot 1021

(1043) 5 packs of Premiere Super Bright vintage gold Christmas lights

Lot 1022

(9) Twin work light on tripod

Lot 1023

Wooden 2 handled crate with wooden lockable box

Lot 1024

Box containing 8 tubs of Hammerite galvanized metal paint in dark green

Lot 1025

Set of 4 garden bowls

Lot 1026

9 plastic garden scoops

Lot 1027

6 big cheese rat and mouse bait

Lot 1028

(10) Clarke Devil 1250 space heater

Lot 1029

2 rolls of wire netting (10mx0.9m)

Lot 1030

Small roll of damp coarse

Lot 1031

2 rolls of green wire border roll

Lot 1032

3 camping stools

Lot 1033

Chrome bike stand

Lot 1034

Crate containing approx 30 small terracotta pots

Lot 1035

Crate containing approx 30 small terracotta pots

Lot 1036

Roll of rubber matting

Lot 1037

Pair of green metal bench ends

Lot 1038

Kiley fishing tackle box/seat

Lot 1039

3 bespoke industrial style garden planters

Lot 1040

Large bespoke industrial style garden planter

Lot 1041

Mountfield SP460 petrol self propelled lawn mower

Lot 1042

Mountfield Empress petrol lawn mower with grass box

Lot 1043

Childs bike with stabilisers plus helmet

Lot 1044

Two 4 shelf aluminium racks

Lot 1045

2 bundles of rebar

Lot 1046

Large wooden cable drum

Lot 1047

Pallet containing approx. 60 lengths of 3x2 timber

Lot 1048

Pallet of 4x2 timber lengths

Lot 1049

Pallet containing 5 bags of chopped wood

Lot 1050

Pallet containing 5 bags of chopped wood