Lot 2001

Bag including laptop adaptors, Nintendo Switch LAN adaptor, Speakon cable, etc.

Lot 2002

Replacement Apple device cables, screens and other accessories.

Lot 2003

Mobile phone cables and leads, including bluetooth adaptor, PC mouse, etc.

Lot 2004

Large bag of mobile phone accessories and replacement cables.

Lot 2005

Apple device cables, replacement cables, etc.

Lot 2006

Bag of mixed reading glasses and sunglasses.

Lot 2007

Bag containing microphones, remote controls, printer toners, headphones, guitar strings, chargers, iPad covers,…

Lot 2008

Large bag of empty jewellery boxes

Lot 2009

Bag containing Alba soundbar, iPad covers, screen saver, toner & waste cartridges, large…

Lot 2010

Bag containing DC power supply, Xbox Kinect, Pipit 500, cooling fan, mini keyboard,…

Lot 2011

Bag of loose items including TV bracket, tablet cases, cabling, etc.

Lot 2012

Micheal Jackson limited edition print 994 of 1000 by Rob Larson.

Lot 2013

Motherboard GA-BXE with RAM and I/O shield, keyboard and mouse.

Lot 2014

Altec Lansing iMT702 classic iPod speaker dock with PSU.

Lot 2015

Large bag of mixed IT and other cabling, including remote controls, etc.

Lot 2016

Dell Inspiron 22 all in one pc. Core I5-7200, 8GB ram, 1TB HDD,…

Lot 2017


Lot 2018

PSVR headset in box

Lot 2019

2048 8 power cords for Phantom 4 drones

Lot 2020

3x memory cards by SanDisk; 2x 64GB and 1x 32GB

Lot 2021

2052 5x battery charging hub advanced for Mavick drones

Lot 2022

Samsung Gear VR by Oculus, with box

Lot 2023

Fujinon wide converter lens and other camera converter adaptors

Lot 2024

Mixed DDR/DDR2 RAM by Kingston and a PowerDomain Ultra160 SCSI board

Lot 2025

2x packs of HP 304 ink cartridges

Lot 2026

2x boxed external drive enclosures

Lot 2027

2x boxed external drive enclosures

Lot 2028

2x boxed external drive enclosures

Lot 2029

2x boxed external drive enclosures

Lot 2030

2x boxed external drive enclosures

Lot 2031

Foam panel inserts for camera cases and 3x camera bags; 2x Manfrotto and…

Lot 2032

15x camera flash umbrellas

Lot 2033

8x GRU-10 camera flash umbrellas

Lot 2034


Lot 2035

2x boxed Kessler Cineslider soft cases and various-sized flag frames

Lot 2036

4x Canford rack-box units in boxes

Lot 2037

Bag of VTR remote cables for Sony, 9-pin, and other cabling

Lot 2038

Bag of mixed A/V cabling; coaxial and other

Lot 2039

Bag of Zacuto USA camera mount accessories

Lot 2040

PortaBrace PB-2300 flight case

Lot 2041

PortaBrace PB-2300 flight case

Lot 2042

Peli 1300 case

Lot 2043

Peli 1300 case

Lot 2044

Peli 1300 case in black

Lot 2045

Peli 1430 case

Lot 2046

Box with GoPro straps and other accessories

Lot 2047

Mixed GoPro accessories to include helmet-cam mounts

Lot 2048

Various GoPro accessories to include backpack extensions, HDMI cables etc.

Lot 2049

Bag of mixed GoPro Floaty cases

Lot 2050

Bag of mixed GoPro Floaty cases