Lot 2001

Dreams Sleep Pal Sleep Tracker

Lot 2002

Apple Beats PowerBeats3 wireless earphones

Lot 2003

Astro A50 gaming headset

Lot 2004

Blood Pressure Monitor

Lot 2005

3 boxes of Mangnum 50 sterilised tattoo needles

Lot 2006

Quantity of guitar strings and pickup selector switch

Lot 2007

Sonic Looper guitar pedal and Ac-Tone guitar pedal

Lot 2008

4 Parker ballpoint pents (3 with custom engravings), Sheaffer pen and one other

Lot 2009

Two spear heads (European)

Lot 2010

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 instant camera

Lot 2011

Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 instant camera

Lot 2012

Rode VideoMic pro

Lot 2013

Allreli Rockman-L waterproof bicycle bluetooth speaker

Lot 2014

Quantity of TV and set up box remotes

Lot 2015

Quantity of earphones and pair of headphones

Lot 2016

A Beano Christmas on the Isle of Man stamp set

Lot 2017

Traditional pyramid metronome

Lot 2018

RayGar guitar stand

Lot 2019

Nintendo 3DS XL with 7 games

Lot 2020

Nintendo 3DS in white

Lot 2021

Sega Master System II power base with control, joystick and AD adapter

Lot 2022

2 boxes of Neria Unomedical infusion sets

Lot 2023

2 boxes of AutoShield Duo Safety Pen Needles

Lot 2024

SureFire M952V LED WeaponLight

Lot 2025

HikVision EXIR H265+ network camera

Lot 2026

Hawke Panorma rifle scope

Lot 2027

Quantity of various sunglasses and reading glasses in bag

Lot 2028

AirPod charging case

Lot 2029

Quantity of mobile phone screens

Lot 2030

Pair of Oakley sports sunglasses and ChristianahJones sunglasses

Lot 2031

Quantity of various sunglasses and reading glasses

Lot 2032

Quantity of Smok vaporising kits/pens; Resa Stick, Stick V9 Kit, MAG kit, and…

Lot 2033

5 vaping kits/pens; Asire PockeX, Vaptio Wall Crawler Kit, Arc Mini and Ipro…

Lot 2034

Quantity of vaping accessories/parts; chambers, atomizers, etc

Lot 2035

ZhongYi Optics Mitakon Speedmaster 85mm f/1.2 Hands-on camera lens in case

Lot 2036

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 instant camera in red

Lot 2037

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 instant camera

Lot 2038

Samsung PL170 digital camera

Lot 2039

Halina Super Eight vintage movie camera

Lot 2040

HD infrared waterproof camera

Lot 2041

Quantity of camera related accessories; tripods, lenses, cables etc

Lot 2042

Powerbeats3 Wireless earphones

Lot 2043

Beats Solo2 headphones

Lot 2044

Kimafun wireless microphone kit

Lot 2045

Quantity of wireless earphones and headphones

Lot 2046

Quantity of various earphones and headphones/headset

Lot 2047

Quantity of white metal and yellow metal jewellery to include Indian Garnet bangle…

Lot 2048

Set of Masonic themed gold clad items; pocket watch, keyring and ingot

Lot 2049

50 Years Bullion Coin, 2x War Poppy Collection Ag.999 notes and British Bank…

Lot 2050

Collection of silver dollars and crowns plus £5 coin and £20 coin