Lot 2001

Quantity of LPs and 45 records; Bad Sounds, The 1975, Ultra Violence, Metallica,…

Lot 2002

Bag containing various toys; Harry Potter collectables, Back to the Future Delorean, Destiny…

Lot 2003

Bag containing beauty light, Menspire male image & grooming, No!No! hair remover and…

Lot 2004

Bag contaning quantity of headphones and headsets

Lot 2005

Bag containing quantity of multipurpose labels, stamp and paper

Lot 2006

Bag containing quantity of electrical accessories; leads, cables, PC mice, adapters, remotes etc

Lot 2007

Bag containing quantity of android multimedia players

Lot 2008

Bag containing quantity of routers, keyboard, dashcam, scanners etc

Lot 2009

Bag containing quantity of CDs, DVDs and console games

Lot 2010

Bag containing quantity of CDs, DVDs and console games

Lot 2011

Bag containing quantity of electical related accessories; cables, keyboards, adapters, CDs, adapters etc

Lot 2012

Bag containing quantity of mobile phone accessories; chargers, cables, phone cases, screen protectors,…

Lot 2013

Large quantity of cabling, adaptors, chargers, etc.

Lot 2014

large quantity Apple device replacement cabling, earphones, chargers, etc

Lot 2015

Bag containing protective screen covers and cases for mobile phones and tablet devices.

Lot 2016

Bag containing various electrical components, accessories, to include logitech webcam, Tecknet tablet keyboard,…

Lot 2017

Bag of Approx 11 selfie sticks.

Lot 2018

15 various PowerMint power banks.

Lot 2019

18 various Powermint power banks .

Lot 2020

15 various capacity Rock power banks.

Lot 2021

15 various capacity Rock power banks.

Lot 2022

Bag containing mobile phone replacement batteries.

Lot 2023

Bag of various brand and capacity power banks.

Lot 2024

Bag of branded and unbranded replacement printer inks cartridges, to include Canon. HP,…

Lot 2025

bag of mixed loose sunglasses and reading glasses, various brands etc.

Lot 2026

Bag of empty sunglasses cases.

Lot 2027

Bag of Riot Squad E-Liquid Vaping flavours.

Lot 2028

Bag containing various vaping flavour liquids, etc.

Lot 2029

Shelf of various reference and study material books

Lot 2030

Large shelf containing various paperback and hardback novels, autobiographies, etc

Lot 2031

Part shelf of Childrens graphic novels, stories, puzzle books, etc

Lot 2032

Large collection of paperback and hardback novels, autobiograhies, etc

Lot 2033

Shelf of reference materials, study books and other reference materials

Lot 2034

Sanus Simplicity TV full motion wall mount for 37''-90'' TV's boxed

Lot 2035

Tevion 19'' TV with DVD built in

Lot 2036

(98) Hitachi 26'' LCD TV

Lot 2037

(99) Samsung 40'' LCD screen UE40ES6540

Lot 2038

(100) Toshiba 32'' TV

Lot 2039

(101) Sharp 32'' TV UE32J4510 a/f

Lot 2040

Apple Macbook Pro Intel Core i7 processor, 16gb RAM, 500gb HDD running Mac…

Lot 2041

Apple Macbook Pro 13'' Intel Core Duo Processor, 8gb RAM, 750gb HDD, running…

Lot 2042

13'' Macbook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo processor 4gb RAM, 750gb HDD, running…

Lot 2043

Apple Macbook Pro 15'' Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 8gb RAM, 500gb HDD,…

Lot 2044

Apple MacBook Pro 15'' Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, 4gb RAM, 750gb HDD,…

Lot 2045

Tommy Tippee baby monitor kit in box

Lot 2046

2045 Logitech wireless combo keyboard set with spare keyboard

Lot 2047

2051 Selection of IT equipment including hard drives

Lot 2048

2078 HD DVR dash cam in box

Lot 2049

Logitech MK330 wireless keyboard combo set in box

Lot 2050

Logitech MK330 wireless keyboard combo set in box