Lot 2001

Bag of loose electrical items, cabling and other IT

Lot 2002

Apple device cables and other Apple mobile accessories

Lot 2003

Mobile phone accessories, adaptors and cables.

Lot 2004

Various Headphones, AKG, Turtle beach, etc.

Lot 2005

Mixed Apple device cables and accessories.

Lot 2006

Mixed mobile device cabling, including chargers, USB leads, etc.

Lot 2007

Bag containing Sony, Power A, Wii and other hand controllers, Nintendo Game boy…

Lot 2008

Bag containing XBox, Sony and other game hand controllers, powerpack, Orzly Nintendo cases…

Lot 2009

Grasshopper pull-up banner, 2000mm h x 15000mm w

Lot 2010

Bag containing Hubs, Laser toner cartridges, iPad covers, cabling, remote control etc

Lot 2011

Bag containing speaker cable, remote control, top box, Xbox 360 Kinect, USB keyboard…

Lot 2012

Bag of a selection of HP laser jet cartridges

Lot 2013

(88) Apple Power Mac G5 PC Dual 2.3GHz, 4GB RAM, 250GB HDD

Lot 2014

(89) Various items of CCTV equipment, DVD recorder, receivers and security monitors

Lot 2015

Retro games controllers, cables and other accessories

Lot 2016

Two HP officejet printers

Lot 2017

Nintendo Wii console boxed with balance board and Wii play game

Lot 2018

XBOX 360 console with game, controller and power cables

Lot 2019

Four XBOX 360 consoles, connect camera various games and accessories

Lot 2020

Tray containing various XBOX 360 accessories, consoles and adaptors

Lot 2021

Various PS2 games, consoles and accessories

Lot 2022

NEC U250X Projector

Lot 2023

Acer S5 200 DLP HDMI Projector

Lot 2024

2012 Bag of mobile phones and screen repair kits

Lot 2025

2102 Bag of premium toner cartridges, black.

Lot 2026

Swann pro series HD security system in box with six cameras, power supply…

Lot 2027

Swann pro series HD camera set with six cameras, power supply and recorder

Lot 2028

Swann pro series HD security system, 5 cameras plus recorder

Lot 2029

(80) Benq PC HDMI monitor no PSU

Lot 2030

Asus curved screen PC monitor

Lot 2031

Asus 24'' monitor

Lot 2032

(82) Apple imac, all in one PC, running Macos Sierra core i7, 8GB…

Lot 2033

(83) Apple imac, all in one PC, running Macos Sierra core i7, 8GB…

Lot 2034

(84) Sony 40'' plasma screen TV no stand, no remote

Lot 2035

(85 ) Panasonic 26'' LCD TV

Lot 2036

(86) Asus tower PC with monitor, keyboard and mouse, Intel cellaron CPU, 2GB…

Lot 2037

(87) Apple imac, all in one PC, cracked screen, as found

Lot 2038

Box of mixed electrical items including keyboards, PS3 controllers, Sony headphones, CCTV camera…

Lot 2039

Pair of AX1R amplified stereo head sets for XBOX 360

Lot 2040

Two sets of Geotech headsets for XBOX 360

Lot 2041

Two sets of Geotech headsets, model AX1R for XBOX 360

Lot 2042

Atari 520ST in box, no accessories, as found. o

Lot 2043

Apple TV Model number A1218 and Apple time capsule Model number A1254

Lot 2044

Netgear stora hard drive bay with power supply

Lot 2045

Weston digital my book network HDD in box

Lot 2046

Three mac mini PC's as found

Lot 2047

2062 Two Bike becon bluetooth bike lights with speakers

Lot 2048

2059 Box containing mixed used power banks

Lot 2049

2067 HP officejet pro 8615 all in one printer in box

Lot 2050