Lot 2001

Bag containing a large quantity of mobile phone covers and screen savers

Lot 2002

Bag containing quantity of black & colour ink cartridges

Lot 2003

Bag containing quantity of sim cards on various networks and quantity of mobile…

Lot 2004

Bag containing quantity of gaming controllers and VR goggles

Lot 2005

Bag containing ink cartridges and ink pads

Lot 2006

Bag containing 60 plus various titled CD's

Lot 2007

Bag containing 11 various titled blu-ray films

Lot 2008

Bag containing various e-cigarettes, vaporizers together with accessories

Lot 2009

Bag containing Anker, Energizer and other power banks and external chargers

Lot 2010

Bag containing mobile phone covers and screen savers

Lot 2011

Box of LP & 45 rpm records including The Prodigy, Take That, Kate…

Lot 2012

Bag containing quantity of empty jewellery boxes

Lot 2013

Bag containing power banks, external charges etc

Lot 2014

Bag containing Apsire, Smok and other e-cigarettes, vaporizers together with accessories

Lot 2015

Bag containing 14 various titled Blu-ray films

Lot 2016

Bag containing 14 various titled PS4 games including Fifa 14, 18 & 19,…

Lot 2017

Yamaha PSR-F51 digital keyboard, X-frame keyboard stand, Gewa stands & Stereo headphones

Lot 2018

Bag of mixed vaping flavours, sweetners, and other vaping liquids.

Lot 2019

Bag containing various mobile, IT, and electrical cabling accessories.

Lot 2020

Bag of loose sunglasses and reading glasses,

Lot 2021

Bag containing various powerbanks, mobile phone accessories, chargers and usb cables.

Lot 2022

Bag of loose reading and sunglasses, various brands and styles.

Lot 2023

Bag of mixed IT, cabling, and other accessories.

Lot 2024

Bag containing various electrical items to include routers, Sky remote controls, cabling chargers,…

Lot 2025

Bag of Power banks and back up mobile chargers.

Lot 2026

Bag of mixed electrical items to include BT home hub, Lite-am power pack,…

Lot 2031

Box of mixed electrical items to include Nintendo Wii console and other accessories

Lot 2032

Box of mixed electric items, game controllers, Pop vinyl figures etc

Lot 2033

Cardboard box of mixed Playstation 2, Playstation 1 games and Playstation 3 console

Lot 2034

Playstation 3 console, large collection of games, controllers and other accessories

Lot 2035

X Box 360 consoles, accessories and collection of games

Lot 2036

Box containing 24 copies Nintendo DS game 1000 cooking recipes

Lot 2037

Nitendo Super Nintendo console with Mission Impossible games

Lot 2038

Box containing Playstation 3, Playstation 2, and Playstation 1 games and accessories

Lot 2039

Black crate containing 2 Nintendo Wii consoles, various games and other accessories

Lot 2040

2105 Apple Mac Book Pro A1278 with charger

Lot 2041

Apple Mac Book Pro with charger A1150

Lot 2042

2 cardboard boxes containing mixed phones and tablets for spare and repairs

Lot 2043

HP Pavilion Core i3 laptop (a/f) plus 1 other Dell laptop

Lot 2044

Toshiba Satellite laptop, no power supply, core i5 processor, Windows 7 Vintage

Lot 2045

HP G72 laptop core i3 processor with Windows 7 vintage, with power supply

Lot 2046

Lenovo G50 laptop, core i3 processor, no power supply

Lot 2047

Dell Alien Ware laptop core i7 processor Windows 7 vintage, no power supply

Lot 2048

Sinclair Spectrum pod game car race hand held console game

Lot 2049

4 various laptop for spares and repairs including a Lenovo 100S notebook

Lot 2050

Nintendo Wii console, X Box 360 controller, other controllers etc

Lot 2051

Playstation 2 games console, various accessories including steering wheel

Lot 2052

Playstation 3 console with 2 controllers, 1 red and 1 white

Lot 2053

Playstation 3 console, no accessories

Lot 2054

X Box 360 console with 2 controllers, power supply and Assassins Creed game