Lot 501

Pem motor oil sign

Lot 502

Green and red painted sack lifter

Lot 503

Pair of white painted wrought iron porch gallows

Lot 504

Reclaimed C19th 'pig's ear' banister rail

Lot 505

Pair of black painted canal bridge anti climb spikes

Lot 506

Pair of twin handled wicker baskets

Lot 507

Red railway lantern

Lot 508

Mahogany 3 tier whatnot

Lot 509

Set of Thunderbirds face masks

Lot 510

3 earthenware hot water bottles

Lot 511

Small shelf of mixed collectibles incl. Ever Ready lantern, brass railway lantern, aerial…

Lot 512

Never Stop, Sprint red metal petrol can

Lot 513

Framed Guinness mirror and framed set of advertising reproduction prints

Lot 514

Hanging brass doorbell

Lot 515

Gin crate containing various spanners and wooden plane with cased set of screws

Lot 516

2 West German ceramic umbrella stands and contents of silver collared walking sticks,…

Lot 517

Set of 6 framed and glazed comedy drawings

Lot 518

Framed advertising mirror for 'Le Petit Journal'

Lot 519

Admiralty patent 16410 cased lantern

Lot 520

Pair of twin handled saws

Lot 521

Central spindle from wagon wheel

Lot 522

Air speed and altitude cockpit dial for US Air Force plane

Lot 523

Enameled metal advertising sign for Hudsons soap

Lot 524

Set of WT Avery weighing scales with 4lb and 2lb weight

Lot 525

Cast iron letter box

Lot 526

Case of vintage hand tools

Lot 527

Crate of European style beer bottles

Lot 528

Brass coal hod and galvanized laundry pail

Lot 529

Crate of photographic art books and magazines

Lot 530

Artillery box

Lot 531

Valor heater, collection of various vintage tools and garage spares incl. Castrol and…

Lot 532

2L Dortmunder Union Bier glass shoe

Lot 533

Set of platform scales by Todds Scaleworks of Cambridge with set of 5…

Lot 534

Wooden laundry plunger

Lot 535

Bed warming pan

Lot 536

2 wooden framed reclaimed windows incl. 1 with stained glass panels

Lot 537

Slate 'PHEASANTRY' sign

Lot 538

Duplex double wick oil burner

Lot 539

2 boxes of vintage tins

Lot 540

Barbour waxed jacket

Lot 541

Boxed tin plate toy typewriter by Metype

Lot 542

Metal Lucas Genuine Spares Service sign

Lot 543

4 galvanized buckets and tubs

Lot 544

5 metal adjustable wall lights

Lot 545

Quantity of ash handled tools

Lot 546

Terracotta chimney pot and cover

Lot 547

Shallow tray of copper and brassware incl. candlesticks, door handles, pot stands, etc.

Lot 548

Metal covered fire fender

Lot 549

19 Gale Ludwig Pine Tree brand accordion

Lot 550

Soviet Union era military helmet