Lot 5769

Bronze figure of golfer

Lot 5770

Box containing vintage childrens toys

Lot 5771

Copper jelly molds plus 2 lead bird figures

Lot 5772

5623 2 ornamental yachts

Lot 5773

Carbide lamp

Lot 5774

Bedfordshire Golf Club remembrance magazine

Lot 5775

The Complete Plays of Bernard Shaw

Lot 5776

Budgey patterned 1930s Clarice Cliff bowl

Lot 5777

Metal trivet, TG Green milk jug, figure of Sadler Chinese emperor tea caddy,…

Lot 5778

89MC John Mathieson, a stoneware pottery vase, the green ridged ground with three…

Lot 5779

Bag containing whistles and military buttons 23 Whistles

Lot 5780

Resin figure of fox

Lot 5781

Box containing cuff links and buttons

Lot 5782

4 bags of marbles

Lot 5783

Quantity of loose cutlery, silver plate incl. napkin rings, candlestick, bowls and sugar…

Lot 5784

Quantity of lidded pots, sharks teeth and pot lids

Lot 5785

2 British army and German bayonets

Lot 5786

Shaving brush and mug with trouser press and razer set

Lot 5787

Carved wooden box with quantity of costume jewellery

Lot 5788

Quantity of loose cutlery, lidded pots and napkin ring

Lot 5789

Quantity of brass door knockers

Lot 5790

Motorbike engine block

Lot 5791

5629 Book titled 'Le Fontaine's Fables'

Lot 5792

Quantity of glass ware incl. Murano glass jug with stopper, fruit and other…

Lot 5793

Signed copy of David Shepherd's book, 'The Man and His Paintings'

Lot 5794

2 sauce bottles with silvered collars

Lot 5795

Football rattle

Lot 5796

Quantity of religious prints and 2 crucifixes

Lot 5797

Quantity of paperweights

Lot 5798

3 books incl. 'Monty, Clementine Churchill and Winston Churchill as I Knew Them'

Lot 5799

3 piece Picquot ware tea service

Lot 5800

Clarice Cliff Bizarre patterned jug (AF)

Lot 5801

Quantity of silk panels and cigarette card albums

Lot 5802

2 boxes containing blue and white Delft crockery

Lot 5803

Box containing souvenir spoons

Lot 5804

Oak cutlery canteen

Lot 5805

5641 Box containing costume jewellery

Lot 5806

Box containing spectacles

Lot 5807

(179) 3 brushed metal table lamps with shades plus ceiling light