Lot 2601

Pandora 925 bracelet and charms

Lot 2602

Mont Blanc wallet, pencil and 3 pen cases

Lot 2603

Costume jewellery items and various watches

Lot 2604

4 cased sets of Swiss military wallets and pen sets

Lot 2605

2 cases of various bric-a-brac and costume jewellery

Lot 2606

10 Cross pens in clear bag

Lot 2607

Costume jewellery items in bag to inc. white metal necklaces, etc

Lot 2608

Wooden case containing sextant and another case with a microscope

Lot 2609

Tray with various watches

Lot 2610

Tray of gents watches

Lot 2611

Blue binder with various coins and sheets of pounds and £1 notes

Lot 2612

2 yellow metal ladies watches with a white metal pocket watch

Lot 2613

2582 Selection of items to inc. Lord Ampthill Masonic lodge sash with 2…

Lot 2614

Rolled gold cased watch

Lot 2615

Vintage gents wristwatch and another in clear bag

Lot 2616

Cufflink's, bag, yellow metal jewellery, etc

Lot 2617

2576 Selection of vintage darts

Lot 2618

2577 Emporio Armani wristwatch

Lot 2619

2571 Enamel painted jewellery with 4 earrings with studs

Lot 2620

2570 Selection of pocket watches, Sekonda gents wristwatches and a selection of military…

Lot 2621

2572 Selection of various pens

Lot 2622

2564 Luke Henry wristwatch in box x2

Lot 2623

2565 Brass sextant

Lot 2624

Celtic silver necklace with a 9ct heart stone shaped ring

Lot 2625

Pattison gents automatic wristwatch

Lot 2626

2595 4 cases of brass ammo casings

Lot 2627

Tin of bowling and other badges

Lot 2628

4 wristwatches to inc. Rotary

Lot 2629

Silver hallmarked engraved wooden case

Lot 2630

2 wooden cases with costume jewellery

Lot 2631

2567 5 cases with Pandora charms

Lot 2632

Basket of costume jewellery

Lot 2633

2 boxes of jewellery & watches plus Edward Sharp and Sons tin, shaker…

Lot 2634

Jardim fine art the barn owl limited edition collectable model on wooden base…

Lot 2635

Aarlux flat bed truck with forklift

Lot 2636

Perfect solutions coin sorter

Lot 2637

2608 3 graduated blue Denby vases

Lot 2638

7 various collectable This Little light of mine models

Lot 2639

2615 White metal tankard, flask, shot glasses, etc

Lot 2640

2687 Series of books incl. The History of Jazz

Lot 2641

2611 3 loose watches and a collection of travel card and wallets and…

Lot 2642

2610 Selection of collectable cottage models

Lot 2643

Selection of costume jewellery items some with cases inc. watches

Lot 2644

Orange r/c car

Lot 2645

Star Wars make your own Atat and a book

Lot 2646

2 trays of various play worn die cast vehicles

Lot 2647

Various survival outdoor wear products

Lot 2648

2617 White metal spoons in box

Lot 2649

2619 City vehicle set x2 with a 30 project lab game

Lot 2650

5 collectable Wade pigs all with stoppers